Silencing the Mind

The beauty of the flower is not dependent upon the flower, but upon your perception of it. You either see what your mind defines; or you see the flower without thought.You just observe.

You then realize that to perceive the flower without the presence of the chattering mind is to see the flower with the eyes of god. There is a quiet stillness that seems to connect you and the object of your perception as if the two were unified.

When the mind is quiet, when thoughts are slowed, a new dimension of perception is accessed. You fully “inhabit” the here and now, and you feel experientially what it means to be less of a “self” and more fully aware, realizing the true self.

That your perception and experience are one, you always chose your reaction to the world around you. If you decide to be at peace, all objects in your perception become one with your intention and natural state of being, you recognize that the same irreducible nature of your being (your awareness of now) is present in every degree of sentience.

Even the flowers know to look towards the sun. There’s a knowing there. The same knowing that you evolved from. You realize this deeply and it radically changes your relationship to all forms in the physical world around you.

Once you realize this sort of relatively between your experience and your intent, you realize that reacting negatively to “bad” situations only brings you down. You learn to view everything as a grand lesson, in what ways is my experience challenging me to stay present?

What is it keeping me from here and now?