Pregnancy & P|T|S|D

Drowning. That’s the word I was looking for. Drowning. I was drowning. I thought this to myself as my sobs slowed. I was sitting in my truck in the Walmart parking lot. My head was bent down and my seat pushed back so I was hidden from view. I sat there crying. My thoughts racing […]

Angels of Addicts

Angels of addicts 😢❤️ I’ll be making these ornaments as gifts for $50-$100 donations. Your donation (100% of it) will help an addict in need take a unique mindfulness based relapse prevention course, taught by someone who overcame their own meth and heroin addicton with mindfulness. Our current systems of treatment are failing our loved […]

How to Break Out of a Hysterical Episode

When people first begin to apply mindfulness practices to their life, they usually begin with small, easy steps. When they’re alone, in a quiet room, with very little distractions. This is ideal for the beginner because the mind has less of a hold on your attention and is easily coaxed into a calm state in […]


I have some pretty impressive cuts on my arm. I both love and fear them. I love them because they are a daily reminder of what I have overcome. However, they also uncomfortably attract the attention of lots of little kids who innocently ask “what happened to you, lyssa?” I usually say it was a […]

Excerpt from upcoming book- “Awakened Addict”: The Basement

Speaking now to rape and torture survivors. My own experience was a twisted mix of bad, abusive relationship and Stockholm syndrome. The first mistake was my willingness to experiment with drugs, and to trust the person who eventually became my attacker. At the time, I was only into party drugs, light stuff like weed, lsd […]