I forgave my attacker

You were fowl. You were awful. You were insane. Addicted to doing any drug that came your way. Unsanitary. Lazy. Easily angered. Irrational. Stupid. Controlling. Dangerous.

How to Break Out of a Hysterical Episode

When people first begin to apply mindfulness practices to their life, they usually begin with small, easy steps. When they’re alone, in a quiet room, with very little distractions. This is ideal for the beginner because the mind has less of a hold on your attention and is easily coaxed into a calm state in […]

Two Arrows

  This is what I feel when it comes to God. I think we, as humans, feel powerless against the tides of life. That we have no control, and we feel an innate desire to reach out to somewhere, something, greater than us. We can sense that there is something greater than us, but we’re always […]