Pregnancy & P|T|S|D

Drowning. That’s the word I was looking for. Drowning. I was drowning. I thought this to myself as my sobs slowed. I was sitting in my truck in the Walmart parking lot. My head was bent down and my seat pushed back so I was hidden from view. I sat there crying. My thoughts racing […]

Angels of Addicts

Angels of addicts 😢❤️ I’ll be making these ornaments as gifts for $50-$100 donations. Your donation (100% of it) will help an addict in need take a unique mindfulness based relapse prevention course, taught by someone who overcame their own meth and heroin addicton with mindfulness. Our current systems of treatment are failing our loved […]

Biggest Secret I’ve EVER Kept

Today, I’m going to tell you a secret. It’s one of the BIG ones. Might not be what you expected, tho. It’s one of the most sacred truths of life. It’s about enlightenment. Now, if you’ve never heard of enlightenment, you must not get out very much. Let me give you what comes up in […]

Silencing the Mind

The beauty of the flower is not dependent upon the flower, but upon your perception of it. You either see what your mind defines; or you see the flower without thought.You just observe. You then realize that to perceive the flower without the presence of the chattering mind is to see the flower with the […]